stories from the road

About this blog

Early morning at the marina in Seward, Alaska.

I have always loved road trips. Even back in the questionably good ol’ days, when I was crammed in the back of a Travelall or an exhaust-burping VW bus with my five siblings — back when our territorial spats over backseat real estate could fume for hours — even then, I loved watching the road unfurl under the tires and was mesmerized by the fields and farms, meadows and mountains, rivers and cities that we rolled past. As a journalist and photographer, I have documented my travels for years, but this blog is more of a personal venture, a way to share images and stories from the road with my family and close friends (OK, and curious strangers who somehow stumble upon this site). Don’t poke around here looking for exotic locales or glamorous retreats; most of my travels are mild jaunts around the country. I am charmed by ordinary places, ordinary people and ordinary encounters–all of which can feel extraordinary if you’re an easily amused type like me. Occasionally I venture far from home, like, oh, I don’t know, say Alaska ( But even my frequent trips to see my family in Louisville–just two hours from my home in Cincinnati–are a joy to me. Along the way, I’ll point my camera at the sky, at the road, at the horizon. As a bird-nerd, animal dork and nature-lover, I fill my journals with images and impressions of wild creatures, open skies and microscopic closeups of tiny plants or flowers–so this site is bound to be filled with lots of those. A blog seemed like a good way to share these little road stories with people I love, in this digitally enhanced era full of tweeting and typing and texting. I hope you enjoy these snippets of trips, and I hope you find joy in the ordinary or extraordinary places you go.


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